Abusive Relationships: The Consequences And Effects Of Relationship Abuse

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An abusive relationship can be interpreted in many different ways. Finding the right words to describe something grim, will always pose a challenge. The moment is right to define an abusive relationship because men and women are suffering from abuse everyday. One out of three women have been victims of abuse from a partner; one out of four men have also suffered from partner abuse. Even though some victims know they are being abused, it can be hard to separate oneself from an environment that they have come to know. An abusive relationship is not love, happiness, or warmth. A healthy relationship should consist of trust and respect for each other. While people say relationship abuse is permissible, it is never okay even if it happens once.…show more content…
An abusive relationship carries not only the burden of being manipulated, but also creates a whole different person. Victims may see their relationship as intimate and believe they are in love, but some people cannot see past the good experiences. Relationship abuse, no matter the number of times that it occurs, is never okay. People are suffering from abuse within their relationships everyday. Americans need to become more aware of how their partner is treating them, and how they are treating their partner. “Love” can cause someone to stay in a toxic relationship; as a result, many tend to remember the good times they had with their partner, and try to forget the bad memories. If you have to question whether or not you are experiencing control problems within your relationship, more than likely you are suffering from relationship abuse. Abuse is a serious matter in which Americans as a people need to stand up and fight for the victims. The statistics are at an overwhelming high, and could be lowered if people were more educated about the signs of abuse. Speaking up about previous abuse in a relationship, may give other the confidence to leave a dangerous relationship. The time to make a change is now because more and more people are going to experience relationship abuse in their
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