Abusive Relationships Essay

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In my topic of discussion I wanted to focus on Hispanic, Black and all other ethnic groups of women that are in abusive relationships, because that has been a very common issue in the United States. I was interested in why women choose to stay or leave an abusive relationship, whether it’s emotional or physical abuse. I wanted to find out the thought process of people who are considering leaving or staying in an abusive relationship and how domestic violence can cause Borderline Personality Disorders (BPD). The deviation of this topic is that being abused and potentially diagnosed with a disorder can affect people and their everyday lives. For this part of my research I read different articles about all types of women relationship abuse and how it can also affect certain people outside of the relationship. I also examined sampled test that were giving on whether to stay or leave an abusive relationship. Based on the results of the surveys, I could tell why some women are hesitant about staying or leaving a relationship, which lead to the conclusions about why men and women do not think the abuse and violence in a relationship is worth the risk of leaving it. Lastly I researched ways to help people get out of abusive and violent relationships.

The definition of relationships is defined as a connection or a bond between two or more individuals. An abusive relationship occurs when one of the people mistreat the other person emotionally, physically, sexually or psychologically. A huge reason why women choose to stay in an abusive relationship is because she still has strong love for her partner and feels like the good outweighs the bad and that they have gained so much within the relationship to let it go. Women are considered mo...

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...eason why you stay is gone then you have no reason to stay any longer. According to Tracey Bennett (1991) It is best to receive help from a therapist other than friends and family because of their bias opinions. Leaving a relationship is never an easy task because all of your hard work and dedication will be thrown down the drain, and another reason why is because most are afraid of starting over with someone new.
In conclusion, I gathered in my research that most women that are being abused generally stay with their abuser because of economic needs as a result of having limited resources such as educational, financial and employment. Many people are blind to the fact that domestic violence is a serious issue impacting women relationships. I think part of the reason why they hold on to something so tight is because we fear something so great won’t happen twice.
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