Abusive Relationships

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Did you know that 33% of adolescents are in relationships with sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse? Although many adolescents are killed due to abusive relationships (nearly 4,000 women each year), teens stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid to leave, they think their partners will change, or they think that it is normal and that those things happen in every relationship. There are six different types of abuse involving relationships. Men tend to be the ones abusing while woman tend to be the victims. One of the abusive ways is Mental Abuse. Some signs/symptoms of mental abuse involve: yelling or swearing, name calling, insults, mocking, threats, ignoring or excluding, and isolating. People who suffer from emotional abuse tends to have very low self-esteem, show personality changes (such as becoming withdrawn) and could have even become depressed, anxious or suicidal. If you are in a mentally abusive relationship, stop the abuse cycle by not allowing the abuser to have control over…show more content…
A stalker can be someone you know, a past boyfriend or girlfriend or a stranger. Stalkers may show up at your house/friends house or place of work without telling you or even asking if you are there. They also might send you unwanted text messages, letters, emails and voicemails; constantly call you and hang up; use other people as resources to investigate your life. For example, looking at your Facebook page through someone else’s page or befriending your friends in order to get more information about you. Another big form of relationship abuse is Digital Abuse. An example of digital abuse is your boyfriend/girlfriend going through your social media accounts and messing with them. Tampering with a partner’s social media account is the most prevalent form of digital abuse. More than one in twelve teens in a relationship (8.7 percent) say their partner used their social networking account without their
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