Abusive And Unhealthy Relationships

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Abusive/Violent/Unhealthy Relationships.

Domestic Violence and Abuse can happen to anyone. Noticing signs of violence and abuse is the first step to ending it. No one should be afraid of the person they love. There is help to be there for you, You’re never alone if you are going through this anywhere. Domestic Violence is a relationship/marriage that tries to control you. The people who are abusers use fear, guilt, shame and intimidation. They might threaten you, hurt you, or hurt those ones around you. It happens to anyone like Gays, Lesbians, Hetersexual people. Men and Women get abused. Sometimes with the men they never stand up for their self because other people may call them rude names(like Sissy.) that they let girls push them around
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The risks of you taking these relationships and not going to break up or anything. Your emotions will show, you will feel yourself getting sad, loss of appetite, anxiety, confusion, fear and fear of being worthless. You shouldn’t feel these things when you are in a relationship with someone you love and trust them with yourself. When you want to get out of these relationships all you need to do is tell someone. (A parent, teacher, police, or someone you trust.) If you do it by yourself, make sure everyone else is around you so the abuser won’t do anything in public. If you are in school with your abuser, don’t make eye contact and avoid the abuser. Stay with other people at all times then the abuser won’t touch you or do anything. When you end your relationship you may feel like you been lifted off your shoulder or you lost someone you can’t keep loving. That’s okay because there is more people out there. You don’t need to be abused by someone you love in relationships. In school, tell someone if they are hurting you. Don’t keep holding that person with you. You don’t need them. Make sure your friends know, don’t keep things a secret because that will get you in trouble and it’s also dangerous. Unhealthy relationships are not okay to be in, get out when you first find these examples. You are in danger and you…show more content…
It’s not safe. In schools, no one ever pays attention or even teachers because they don’t know what’s going on or can’t see what anyone else is doing. Some abusers would do public things but noticed some people aren’t watching or paying attention. Abusers may not even care what they are doing to make a scene with the girl and yell in their face. The abuser don’t care about anything but themselves. The abusers would do anything in their power to cause problems with their partners. To invoke changes into their relationships, they should avoid every motion and their abuser. Don’t go near them or even see what they are up too. Tell someone. Don’t ever let yourself face this on your own. These relationships can affect you dead, and no one would know. Finding you buried somewhere and everyone has to do a search party. Abuse relationships can cause a lot of problems and it’s not healthy to be in one. Speak up for yourself, don’t make yourself feel like you can’t speak to anyone about this. You are never alone in these solutions. Everyone will help you and the abuser may go away. Some people may think no one will care about them in relationships, that’s never true because everyone will lock up your abuser and you can have peace. Don’t let this go further in life because you can end up in the hospital in cuts and abuses that you may regret speaking up for yourself. Invoke
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