Abuses of Power in I Only Came To Use The Phone, and Lord Of The Flies

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The abuses of power displayed in The Lord of the Flies and “I Only Came to Use the Phone” show how power when given or assumed can change the person who has been elevated above others as well as changing the person who is being abused. When people in authority abuse this power, they can affect people’s lives and well being.
A person that abuses power can often weaken the spirit of the person they are abusing and will change the person. In “I Only Came to Use the Phone,” the quote "Herculina standing in the doorway, Maria gave up"(Gabriel Garcia, pg 86) shows us how a person that will abuse or hurt us will weaken our spirit. Maria saw Herculina as an abusive, powerful person. So she gave up her will to try anything in the sanatorium. Before this Herculina already instilled fear in Maria. “No pleading would move that maniac in coveralls who was called Herculian because of her uncommon strength. She was in charge of difficult cases, and two inmates had been strangled to death by her polar bear arms.” (Gabriel Garcia, pg 75) This quote explains why Herculina weakened Maria’s spirit because of her abusiveness to other patients. After repeatedly asking to use the phone, Maria was denied and thought to be crazy. She was not allowed to use the phone. This abusive figure ruined Maria's fighting spirit to stay sane and to escape the sanatorium. This abusive figure pushed her so far that Maria gave up and really changed into a crazy person. An abusive person will change and break our spirit.
An image can be used as a powerful symbol like our United States flag is a symbol of power. Or an image can be an abusive symbol like face paint in Lord of the Flies. Jack, the savages’ group leader, would put blood on his group members faces to show...

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... position for his own gain. Since Jack was so willing to kill he would kill anything or anybody that would not obey him. Jack expects complete obedience from everyone on the island.
There is a certain amount of power and authority that has to exist for a society to work properly. When people like the matrons and Jack are placed in positions of power they tend to take advantage of their positions. Also they will mistreat or harm the people they feel are below them. This power satisfies their ego, they feel it completes them but it leads to their own demise as leaders. It will take away their basic human feelings and a sense of right and wrong to the extent that they are only right.

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