Absurdism And Existentialism In The Stranger (1913-1960)

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Biography of Albert Camus (1913–1960) Albert Camus, the second son of Lucien and Catherine Camus was born in Mondovi, French Algeria on November 7, 1913. In school, Camus was a bright and excellent student. He also actively participated in sports like football, swimming and boxing. His intelligence was recognized by his teacher, Louis Germain who was then willingly helped Camus to obtain a scholarship to further his studies. With the help of scholarship, Camus was able to complete school and attended the University of Algiers as a philosophy student. However in 1930, he deteriorated from the attack of tuberculosis and had to stop his study. After recovered, he began his study and by1936, he received his degrees of undergraduate and graduate…show more content…
Some of his famous novels that have the elements of absurdism and existentialism are The Stranger (1942), The Myth of Sisyphus (1942) and The Plague (1947). Camus brought different ideas to French Literature as he was a French-Algerian writer. He also actively involved in theater as early as he was at his university until his later…show more content…
This novel started when a memo, supposed to bring sad news was sent to Mersault to inform his mother’s death. Mersault attended his mother’s funeral and he being extraordinarily calmed startled everyone in the room. He also declined the offer to look at his mother’s face for the last time. After he returned, Mersault lived his life like a normal person that had never confronted any heartbreaking occurrence. He also met a new girlfriend that day and the whole day with her. The story goes on when Mersault was on a vacation at the beach with his friends. Then, they met with two Arabs and Mersault, enraged with aggression, killed one of the Arab. There was no explicit reason of why he killed the Arab, the only thing that has been said was how hot that day was but no clarification about his crime. From the crime that he had done earlier, Mersault was charged to a trial. But strangely, the court was not there to judge his crime but they were more entranced over his attitude towards his mother’s death. He was sentenced to death not because of his crime but he was found guilty as a remorseless, unusual and recluse

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