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The Space Out colony on Mars is the first colony on Mars. The purpose of the mission is to mimic similar living styles that are used on Earth and put them into use on Mars. However, there are mission’s constraints for the Space Out colony one of them is that the mission must return to Earth by 2045. The location for the Space Out colony is Vastitas Borealis. This land is projected to contain ice and with this mission the colonists will target this as one their primary goal. The Space Out colony would contain 5 headquarters in each of the 5 headquarters there would contain several facilities that will improve many studies on Mars. For example, the Recreation and Service Center would contain health programs like fitness, medical, and entertainment systems. In every headquarters it would contain a satellite system for communication. In Mars, there are several hazards the colonists should avoid which is radiation. In order to prevent radiation there would be a dome structure to protect the people from this factor. Overall, the Space Out colony will help people understand more briefly about going into Mars and increasing the human’s awareness about space exploration. Mars Colony Mission Design Proposal In the early rise of 1960s nations like United States of America and Russia were both competing with each other for the race of space exploration. As decades went by, the world started working together on space missions and working to formulate the best spacecrafts. These space missions have successfully affected the technological, social, and many other aspects in the world. Now upon the rise of the 21st century, space programs like NASA has sent rovers and satellites to Mars to research and gather interesting information. These techno... ... middle of paper ... ...ll set up life in Mars by mimicking similar biomes that are found on Earth and the mission will also have organisms living in Mars. This will be accomplished by creating several facilities that will contain structures that could be found on earth such as renewable energy warehouses, plants growing in one system, etc. The goal of the Space Out mission is to complete a 10 year research on Mars. The research will make people establish similar functions that could be found on Earth and built them on Mars. The mission will end its project in 2045 and it will send the humans back to Earth on 2045. The 10 year period of the mission will be help people analyze and offer better results for future missions. In the aftermath of the Space Out mission, humans will have a better approach and understanding when it comes into colonizing another colony on Mars. Mission’s Objective