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Apple has recently released a new phone, the iPhone 5S, which features a fingerprint/thumbprint scanner for users to access their phones called the Touch ID. This is a relatively new, innovative feature for a phone. There are several apps available in the iTunes market, but none of those come with the phone as an actual, standard feature (the apps also don't work that well). This new technology is experimental and can be a stepping stone for more innovations in the mobile phone industry, as well as setting a new standard. What exactly does the thumbprint/fingerprint technology on the iPhone actually do? The new technology works as a fingerprint scanner on a safe would work. It allows users to store their fingerprint into the phone's system to better personalize, protect, and secure one's phone. The fingerprint/thumbprint scanner is located on the home button, and it allows users to unlock their phones by using their fingerprint. This new feature is adopted from common practices that many companies/agencies use to protect or access their buildings, identify personnel or criminals (...

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