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Abraxane takes advantage of the cancer’s own biology to infiltrate and destroy malignant sites, by causing them to undergo induced apoptosis. Tumors require an ever increasing supply of nutrients carried by Albumin. It is for this reason that tumors undergo extensive angiogenesis, allowing albumin to travel to them. These newly formed vessels are very leaky allowing larger particles to easily pass through these holes in the vessel wall into the underlying tissue. Once the albumin passes through, the impaired lymphatic drainage of the tumor traps albumin within the tumor, where it is consumed. A third mechanism, only recently discovered, is the tumor’s ability to exploit the albumin activated gp60 pathway. By utilizing these mechanisms, tumors are able to proliferate and continue spreading. Abraxane also utilizes these same mechanisms; however, it does so with the purpose of eradicating the heart of the tumor.
The unique structure of Abraxane allows the paclitaxel to carry out its function of eradicating cancer cells. Each nanoparticle is composed of an outer layer of albumin surrounding an inner core of the water-insoluble paclitaxel. Due to their small size, trillions of these nanoparticles can be safely administered intravenously and rapidly, in only 30 min. Once in the body, the nanoparticles interact with the tumor in the same way normal albumin does. The nanoparticles bind to the gp60 receptors on vascular endothelial cells. The activated gp60 receptor interacts with the protein, Caveolin-1, leading to the budding of vesicles, known as caveolea, which fill up with more nanoparticles. The caveolea, then transport the nanoparticles to the tumor’s interstitium, trapping it, in a process known as transcytosis. For the paclitax...

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...nausea, excessive vomiting and diarrhea, unusual bleeding or bruising, black or tarry stool or blood in stool, extreme fatigue, mouth sores, or any sign of infection. It is important to note that although both Abraxane and Taxol share some common side effects, they are far worse with Taxol than Abraxane.
Abraxane has proven itself to be superior to Taxol in numerous tests and trials performed by researchers. It has a greater deal of specificity and can target tumors that Taxol is incapable of reaching. It also has far less side effects and thus requires a lot less pretreatment, significantly reducing both costs and time. As of today, Abraxane is approved by the FDA to treat the following types of cancer: metastatic breast cancer, first-line treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. It is also in trials to be approved for gastric cancer.
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