Abraham Maslow's Theory Of Motivation In Management

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Motivation plays an important role in management skills, particularly in organizations that rely considerably on the abilities of human-kind over robots and machines. Law enforcement is one of those organizations that is still requires people 's work effort. Police managers must learn and create better means of inspiring those that they command. Abraham Maslow 's Theory of Hierarchy of Needs illustrates basic, but effective methods of motivating employees. His theory was based on the needs of talented and creative individuals. Maslow believed that human needs were fixed per a hierarchy that could be broken into two primary groups: lower order-basic needs, and higher order-metaneeds. When a police officer begins their career, their…show more content…
More times than a few, it is associated with high rates of drug abuse, suicide, health problems - both emotional and mental, and marital issues or divorce. Repeated exposure to such high stress events impacts the officers ' overall productivity and enthusiasm. If on-the-job stress is not properly acknowledged and dealt with, it will continue to demotivate the employees. To increase job performance, it is up to the institution 's administrative teams to first recognize and second identify positive and creative ways to reduce stressors that can be associated with those professions. Even with the understood dangers associated with being a law enforcement officer that produce unmentionable levels of stress, numerous changes can be made to the supervisory styles to help reduce stress levels. Examples of these changes can be reduced shift length or varied shift work and assignments, training programs, and psychotherapy or psychiatric counseling following a high intensity critical incident. Such implementations will be helpful in reducing the potential problems that could arise from stress in the workplace. The officers are likely to respond better to internal changes when they are aware that there are programs in place to help them positively deal with their stress (Finn,…show more content…
The bottom of this list consists of the basic physiological and safety necessities of life like food, water, and shelter. According to Maslow 's theory, once a person gains those essential needs, they often look an overall sense of well-being and belonging, which falls under the psychological needs group (Maslow, Frager, & Cox, 1970). People crave incentives for performing well on the job, even if they are as simple as small praises. Receiving such recognition is directly related to an individual 's constant search of ways to improve themselves and their self-esteem. The need for honors and accomplishment is a notable feature of Maslow 's theory under the self-esteem
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