Abraham Maslow

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Abraham Maslow was born on April 1, 1908 to two Jewish parents who lived in New York but had emigrated from Russia. (Cherry, page 1) He was born in Brooklyn New York and he was the first of seven children. (Cherry, Page 1) He grew up with parents pushing him along in his education so he would be a very smart person and could accomplish many large tasks. (Boeree, page 1) When Abraham Maslow was a child he was very lonely and unhappy due to always being pushed along in his education instead of being friendlier with people his age. (Cherry, Page 1)Beings as he was lonely he took a liking to reading at the library. (Cherry, Page 1) Abraham ended up being smart but shy. As he got older he went to a city college in New York to study law and married his first cousin Bertha Goodman. (Cherry, Page 1)
After this Abraham Maslow switched collages and started going to the University of Wisconsin and there he started to take a liking to psychology. (Cherry, Page 1) Maslow than got three degrees: one was his bachelor’s degree which he got in 1930, one was his master’s degree which he got in 1931 and the last one was a doctorate degree which he got in 1934. (Cherry, Page 1) All these degree’s helped him in what he planned to be in the years to come. With these degrees he started to teach at the Brooklyn College in 1937, and during this time he met two people, Max Wertheimer who was a psychologist and he also met anthropologist Ruth Benedict. (Cherry, Page1) These two people highly influenced Maslow and his thoughts about what he wanted to be. (Cherry, Page 1)He then started to take notes on Max Wertheimer and Ruth Benedict and these notes that he took started his research on people and human potential. (Cherry, Page 1)
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...s point. (Boeree, page 4) Maslow once said that in the whole world there was only 2% of the people that got to the top of the pyramid. (Boeree, page 4)
To find out what Maslow meant by self-actualization people had to look at his workings and they found out that he looked at people that he thought were actually self-actualizers. (Boeree, page 4)“Some of the people he thought were self-actualizers and people that he studied were Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Adams, William James, Albert Schweitzer, Benedict Spinoza, and Alduous Huxley.” (Boeree, page 4)

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