Abraham Lincoln and Abolitionists Conflict

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The true intentions and views of Abraham Lincoln over the idealism and exploitation of Africa-Americans to slavery weren’t what it seemed to be. On the contrary he himself did not have the need to abolish slavery unless it was asked of him to do so. Most of what the narrator was trying to convey is that Lincoln wasn’t all for being an abolitionists and anti-slavery. His point-of-views differ to that of the abolitionists and thus objected each other’s views and understandings often. The role of Lincoln, in which he abolished slavery as the history books portray, did not seemed to be his primary objective when he ran for candidacy and won the elections for presidency of the United States.
Some abolitionists such as H. Ford Douglass begged to differ as to Lincoln’s ways of slavery, although he did proclaimed to be against it. The main role of Lincoln was to abolish slavery through republicanism but many abolitionists’ thought differently. His way often made abolitionist think differently. What seemed to be his own goals, made historians think that his actions created a gain of trust and what seemed to be popularity to create a unified United States as his predecessors. The speculation that the emancipator of slavery was doing it for African-Americans but on the contrary there’s cases where racism itself was showed by Lincoln. Failing to live up to the abolitionist’s expectations made a lot of them lose their acceptance of him and his determination of abolishing slavery.
Going against his parent’s religion and teachings might have been the actual motive to go against slavery but sought to it in a different way. He sought slavery as a set life given to them without being able to have an opportunity in any choice in the matter at hand ...

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...stead of being in good terms with everyone.
It’s amazing how much conflict he had against abolitionists and still manage to abolish slavery. Although he did manage to destroy it, it still makes historians reconsider if his actual mind set was to actually finish off slavery or not. Having said that my views on how the actual problem came into past created a new vision on how the problems went on a different way as to how it was thought and I was taught considering about this matter. Bearing very little knowledge of the matter envisioned Abraham Lincoln as this big and righteous hero, along with most of Americans today, who manage to abolish slavery through morality instead as a political matter. Not putting the very small details that considered his views and personality on how slavery was sought through his mind set, had a very much impact that on my vision of him.
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