Abraham Lincoln Turning Point Essay

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Throughout our history, our country has been shaped by time, people, and events. People like Martin Luther King Jr and Teddy Roosevelt and events like 9/11 and the Civil War. As time goes on it was people and events like these ones that shape the face of our nation. One such event changed our nation forever; it changed the way our nation developed into what it is today. The event that was the major turning point in the 19th century was the assignation of Abraham Lincoln. The reason that it is the most influential event in the 19th century is because it changed the direction our country was headed and left deep wounds could have been made whole. People then and now were and are impacted by this monumental event. There are numerous factors leading…show more content…
“In general, the South reacted against the assassination of Lincoln. Confederate army veterans were particularly quick to express their abhorrence to the assassination. Most Southern newspaper editors also denounced the act of Booth and his accomplices. However, the Southern response was equally motivated out of sympathy for Lincoln and fears for the South, for they saw the reinstatement of President Johnson as a great calamity.” (Australia). The entire mourned the loss of the brilliance that was and could have been Lincoln. The long term effects of this monumental event are the deep rooted racial issues, country division, hostility, and the painfully slow reconstruction of our country. Lincoln had the ability to pacify both the North and the South. He was the man we need to make our nation whole again. As we can see from the way he handled the defeat of the Confederate, with respect and courtesy, he was the type of person who saw our country at its full potential. Decades after his death we were struggling with racial issues, division in the country, and overall hostility. One example is the occurrence of white officers shooting black young men and the effect it has the public. We can’t look at it the same as white shooting white, black shooting white, or black shooting black, because of the resentment left from this time period. It’s hard to say for sure because Lincoln didn’t have a chance to prove himself, but Lincoln had the potential to construct a nation that out shone ours today. He, better than anyone, could have brought our nation together and healed the wounds of the brother war. It hard to imagine what our country would have been like if Lincoln would of never been
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