Abraham Lincoln: The Little Details

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Abraham Lincoln
How well do we know all the little details of Abraham Lincoln’s life? Abe had a lot of things in his life that we don’t know about or focus on. Either we don’t see it as something important or we don’t know a lot about it. Something we don’t focus on is that a lot of mourning time happened in Lincoln’s life as a child and teen. During his early politics, he let some things from his childhood and teen years shape the way he acted. Why Abe was so determined to win the Civil War was an enormous outcome from his childhood and teen years. Along with what he did as a president outside of the Civil War. So searching and digging deeper into the facts we know about Lincoln will show that he hadn’t always had a good and understanding life 100% of the time.
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky (“Abraham” para. 1-3). Paternal grandfather’s name is who he was named after (“Abraham” para. 1-3). To us his environment and family for Abe shaped his life, but his birth was uneventful (“Abraham” para. 1-3). Even though Abe’s childhood was filled with grief and sadness, it didn’t slow him down because his life was also filled with greatness (“Abraham” para. 8). Throughout his childhood Abe was aware of his world, for he was all about fairness and honesty (“Abraham” para. 8). Slavery was a big part in Abe’s life (“Abraham” para 4-6). His dad was so against slavery they moved in 1816, at age 7, because of it (“Abraham” para. 4-6). With the moving away from family members, he also lost his mom and younger brother during infancy (“Abraham” para. 4-6). Abe and his dad agreed on slavery, but they never got along other than that (Maclean 103). His dad was a very strong man (Mac...

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...his childhood was spent. Also because of how he went into the world as a teen and choosing how he wanted to live his life. So become an investigator for factoids, dig a little deeper into Abe’s life, and see what interesting factoids you can find.

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