Abraham Lincoln Lab Report

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The artifact that I have selected for my third PEX lab report is the Abraham Lincoln statue in Fairmount Park. The public art that I wrote about for PEX lab report 1 was The Hot Water Urn, located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The object I had chosen for PEX lab report 2 was Philly, the war dog, located at the Philadelphia History Museum. Observation: The Abraham Lincoln statue is located in Fairmount Park. The location is the Sedgley Drive and Kelly Drive intersection. The statue is made of dark bronze metal. The president is shown sitting down on a chair. The chair is engraved with floral patterns, with a low, rounded back. The two front legs of the chair are curving forward and the back legs are curved backward. His cape or coat is thrown over the backrest of the chair. His right hand is raised at about a 90-degree angle with a feathered pen between his fingers. In his other hand, he is holding a long piece of paper; a document. The long paper extends and lies on his left thigh. His right foot is placed further out then his left foot. He is wearing a long frock coat with a waistcoat underneath. He is wearing a collared, pleated shirt with a bowtie. He is depicted wearing long pants and plain formal shoes. His hair is combed back with a side partition. He has his famous grown beard. His head is facing slightly to his right; he is looking straight ahead in that direction. The expression on his face is one of content. The seated Abraham Lincoln is placed on top of a pedestal. The platform is made of stone, possibly granite. There are two parts to the pedestal. The bottom pedestal is square shaped. The top is rectangular and sits immediately on top of the bottom one. Overall, the pedestal goes from smaller at the top to w... ... middle of paper ... an island amidst Kelly Drive; the high pedestal helps the cause. The statue was created for the purpose of remembering the leader that left his mark on history for freeing the captured and enslaved and for his guiding role during the Civil War. The statue is successful because it depicts Lincoln while signing the Emancipation Proclamation. That is what the world knows him for and that is what the president himself told everybody he would be known for. Philadelphia became the leader for making a memorial for the hero. He is seated confidently, which gives more importance to his work. Before he was assassinated, he had declared equal citizenship to all people. This made him appear as a great figure in the public eye, so at the time the statue was made it meant a lot to the people. The memorial brought peace and alleviated anger towards the killer of the president.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have selected the abraham lincoln statue in fairmount park for their third pex lab report, while the philadelphia museum of art's hot water urn and philly, the war dog were chosen.
  • Explains that the abraham lincoln statue is located in fairmount park. it is engraved with floral patterns, with a low, rounded back.
  • Describes the four corners of the bottom pedestal, including four ancones, s-scroll shaped carvings and a garlanded pattern.
  • Explains that the statue of abraham lincoln was created by randolph rogers, an american neoclassical sculptor who stayed in rome for most of his career.
  • Analyzes how the statue of the heroic president is the first in a series of great works of art.
  • Analyzes how fairmount park is a good place to place the statue of the heroic president. it reminds people of how the emancipation proclamation changed our here and now.
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