About Singer the Philosopher

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About Singer the Philosopher Singer is Pro-Choice. He can be classified as a preference utilitarian. A preference utilitarian is a person who believes in their preferences, and makes a choice tat directly affect their future. IN Singers opinion of abortion, he says a fetus does not have the same moral standings as a human. Singer also believes that there is a difference between being a human being as 'member of the homosapien race' and being a 'person'. People have feelings about themselves and others. They have the ability to be rational and to make decisions. A person has interests and a desire to live. People are valuable. Is a fetus a person? If they don't have these characteristics, in Singer's view, they are not people. "Since no fetus is a person, no fetus has the same claim to life as a person" Singer says infanticide is never directly wrong because the infant has no feelings. He thinks by harmlessly killing a fetus it is not directly wrong. Although there may be people around the harmless killing hat effects it does not have an effect on the infant. Singer says, "the main point to note about this argument is that it is an argument against laws prohibiting abortion, and not an argument against the views that abortion is wrong. "Average Joe' would disagree, being a conservative. A conservative view would say, it is wrong to kill an innocent human being; a human fetus is an innocent human being, it is wrong to kill a human fetus. I feel that Joes view although "general", may be adequately defended against Singer's arguments? . Singer has these views and theories, while average Joe goes on politics, and instinct rather than philosophical views. Joe may not be a well-educated philosophical man but he isn't wrong for having his own opinions. If Joe and Singer were to meet and have a discussion about their views I feel Joe would possibly reconsider his opinion, depending on how Joe comes to make his choice.
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