About Matag Coconut

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About Matag Coconut
MATAG is a short form or a nick name of new hybrid coconut which is from original coconut from Malaysia which is Malaysia Yellow Dwarf (MYD) or Malaysia Red Dwarf (MRD) as female parent crossing with Tagnanan coconut as male parent from Philippine. This hybrid is high yielding and early in maturity with round large fruit. The height of MATAG coconut can reach up to 15 meter and the leaves can be green or orange depends on the main Malaysia coconut tree. MATAG coconut is the new type of coconut where it can produce approximately up to 40,000 of coconut per hectare each year which is more than the normal coconut or other hybrid coconut tree.
The coconut produced by MATAG coconut tree is suitable for variety of uses such as for coconut water, coconut milk production, and also for grated coconut. If the coconut farm has been organized well and adequate rainfall, MATAG coconut will start to blossom on the third year and it can be harvest on the next year. Besides, MATAG coconut will produce high production of copra in long term duration where one MATAG coconut tree can produce the copra eight times per year.
In term of producing the coconut fruit, each of the MATAG coconut tree will have about four to five cluster where each cluster will consists maximum 15 – 17 coconuts. But for the first six years of planting the MATAG coconut tree, it will produce lower quantity of copra which about 12.2kg to 36.4kg for the first year compared to the normal coconut tree which is about 16.4kg to 33kg. MATAG coconut tree will start to produce high quantity of copra on the seventh year which is 42.2kg compared to 34.3kg for normal coconut.
The characteristics and also the benefits of MATAG coconut is that this type of coconut will...

... middle of paper ... but jointly help in developing coconut plantation in Malaysia. In five years time, based on the strategies and actions taken by government currently, we are completely confident that in five years time, the coconut plantation will continue to grow in Malaysia and will become one of the major industrial crops that contribute a large portion in the overall economy of Malaysia. The MATAG variety can produce between 2,500 and 3,000 coconuts per hectare a year. MATAG has better yield. As it has thicker flesh, the copra that this coconut produces is much heavier than that from the other varieties.

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