Abortions Should Remain Legal

How would you feel if another person took away your opportunity to live? What about unborn babies? Billions of women around the world undergo life of their babies by doing abortion. Currently having babies in young age, indulging sexual acts without reflection, responsibility and legalities are available and interpreted quite normal. What is abortion? Abortion is a procedure of ending pregnancy with medical interference . This issue has begun in the European countries. In course of time it has been observed in Asia too, including Muslim countries, although in Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq doing abortion is considered as “kharam” which means “sin”. Statistics of Iran country shows that 100,000 abortions are performed within a year. Instead of some personal reasons of doing abortion which makes statistics so high, some people claim that abortion should be legal. If a pregnant woman has problems with her health, which could lead to infertility, even to death, doing abortion is regarded as a solution. In addition, if the analyses give information that your future baby can be born disabled or baby who has not any abilities to develop. On the other hand, some people want to legalize abortion, because it is against their religion. We must take into consideration the fact that doing abortion is likewise “murder”, which breaks baby’s rights. Abortion should be allowed in limited circumstances, because for babies whose mothers do not have enough material so as moral usefulness to ensure her baby abortion is best way out.

Health is considered as the most important, irreplaceable and valuable wealth in our life, thus abortion must be allowed. It is well-known that doctors recommend doing abortion for every pregnant woman, who has so...

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