Abortions Shold be Limited

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Abortions Shold be Limited

I believe the both pro-life and pro-choice viewpoints have valid

arguments. I believe that women should be able to have abortions, but

abortions should be limited. I think abortions should not be permitted

after ten to twelve weeks of pregnancy, because at that time the fetus

represents a potential life. I believe women should be dissuaded from

abortion, and more public measures should be taken to prevent unwanted


I believe my viewpoint is the best viewpoint is the best viewpoint

because it combines both pro-life and pro-choice viewpoints unlike your

viewpoint of pro-life. You believe that women should not be able to have

abortions because a life is at state. You believe that a life is at state

but you do not think about the consequences of having a child that is not

wanted. You say that women should not have the right to have an abortion

and that you do not believe in abortion but by saying that you are taking

away a woman's freedom of choice. A woman should have the right to choose

if she wants to have an abortion. Your viewpoint does not acknowledge a

woman's right to freedom of choice. I agree with your opinion, that the

fetus is a human and that it has a right to life and that is why I believe

in early abortions.

I feel that your viewpoint would cause many problems. One problem

is that your viewpoint allows no abortions, that allows no consideration

for the mother of the family that would be effected by that child. Also,

pro-lifers do not agree with sex-education in schools this would lead to

more teen pregnancies which would lead to children giving birth to

children. A huge problem that would occur if there was no abortion would

be illegal abortions. Illegal abortions would cause women to become law

breakers, and may even cause many women to die. My viewpoint does not

lead to all of those problem. Since we believe that there should be a way

to deal with unwanted pregnancies, which is abortion it would not lead to

women breaking the law to have illegal abortions. Since my viewpoint

believes in early abortion which will help mothers who cannot afford to
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