Abortion versus Euthanasia

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Abortion versus Euthanasia

When it comes to the question of law, there are endless debates on which laws are just or which are unjust. Euthanasia and abortion are both very serious topics that bring controversy, mainly on whether it should be legal or not. Currently in Canada, abortion is legal, although assisted suicide is illegal. By making euthanasia legal in Canada as well, not only would humans benefit but also the country as a whole. Euthanasia rather than abortion seems to be a more reasonable solution because of the following aspects; the reasoning in making such a decision, the pain and suffering endured, and whether or not human rights are being dishonoured.

When a person decides to take their own life by doctor assisted suicide, the decision is very thoroughly thought out by the patient, their family and their doctor. The reason why certain people would choose to take their own life is mainly because the pain and suffering is unbearable. When the sickness or disease is incurable, the family suffers along with the patient. They already know that they are going to die soon. Patients who do suffer with these diseases and are physically unable to kill themselves and die painfully, and unhappily. Patients and family members, that decide committing suicide is for the best, it is because they can not bear to see their own family member go through anymore pain. Yet if the person is too ill to instruct what is to be done, it should be left up to the immediate family. Abortion on the other hand is a sometimes a solution for accidental pregnancies. Some people choose to have an abortion because they do not think that they have the suitable conditions to bring a child into the world. There have been some cases in ...

... middle of paper ... child, can by some people, be reduced to being called and thought of as a mass of tissue. An abortion does not just take the life of an unborn child; it is also a very real threat to any of a woman’s future children, and a threat to the happiness and joy that she would find as a mother. Her chance at motherhood might be forever lost. It is understandable when irresponsibility is not the factor that led to the decision to abort a fetus. In most cases, patients that are slowly dying day after day, should be the ones with the legal option to be able to end their lives peacefully. Life has already made it so tough on these individuals with their disease. Euthanasia in truth does help people in need. The one and most important thing to any individual in society would have to be life. To the average person it is their own, and with it, they can do as they please.
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