Abortion is a Murder

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A long on-going subject that has been greatly debated in our society is abortion. Many people argue that because the baby in the mother’s womb is not alive, aborting him or her is not considered a murder. However, others say that as the baby’s heart and brain are the first things to develop, the baby is technically alive and killing it would be a murder. As soon as the baby has a heartbeat, it has life. Abortion has many characteristics of a murder, including the killing of one human being by another, it’s unethical, and it is done without the consent of the person.
Murder is often defined as the killing of one human being by another. Most societies consider murder to be the most serious crime that is righteous of the harshest and cruelest of punishment. A person who is accused of a murder is usually given a lengthy prison sentence, sometimes even a life sentence when allowed, and in few countries, death penalty is also given for such an act, although many countries have now eliminated the death penalty. Some countries follow the idea of the first-, second-, and third-degree murder. First-degree murders are classified as the murder that was planned and deliberate, unlike the second- and the third-degree murder.
Furthermore, murder is also highly unethical. It causes suffering and the act of killing is generally terribly painful. Not only does it put the victim in grief, but it also greatly impacts the victim’s family, friends, and loved ones. Mostly everyone believes that deliberately taking someone’s life is simply wrong. No religion permits one to kill a human being for any reason whatsoever. No human has the power and the right to take another person’s life. Murder is usually done for selfish reasons, such as for money or f...

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...t and it is just not right to snatch away his or her life even before he or she enters the world. The baby did not do anything wrong to you so why kill him or her? Killing someone without his or her consent is not only a murder, but it is also the selfishness in humans.
In conclusion, abortion is a murder; it’s unethical and it is done without the permission of the unborn child, just like a murder is done without the consent of the would-be victim. As soon as the woman gets pregnant, there is life in her body that she is responsible for. Baby is the gift of god, whether it is a surprised gift or a planned gift. When a woman decides to abort a baby, she is not only committing a sin by taking away an innocent human being’s life, but she is also denying the precious gift that god has given her. The fact that it is always this way does not mean that is can’t change.
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