Abortion is Not Bad

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Abortion is Not Bad Abortion is not bad, rather it is your logic and argumentation that is lacking in ability and understanding. First, you argue that the presence of a beating heart alone necessarily qualifies a fetus as being a living human being that is entitles to a right to life. While on its face this argument may initially appear compelling, it is profoundly lacking in scientific substantiation. A fetus during the first trimester of development may have a small impulse that resembles a heart beat, but it completely lacks both a brain and a central nervous system. In fact, a spider or a fly is much more developed (and has the capacity to feel more pain) than a fetus early on in the second trimester of a pregnancy. Any person who occasionally squashes an insect or eats meat is causing much more pain to living beings than a woman who chooses to terminate her pregnancy. If the presence of a heart-beat is the relevant issue concerning early abortion, then we would surely be hypocritical to continue to kill animals (like cows, pigs, and chickens) who have hearts that are much more developed than that of a young fetus. Without a brain or a nervous system, a fetus is little more than a lump of cells that cannot yet function together. Indeed, a fetus is little more than an individual egg or even an individual sperm…while there is certainly the potential for life, life has not yet developed…thoughts cannot occur, pain cannot be felt…From a purely biological standpoint, your argument is unfounded. A beating heart is something that all mammalian fetuses develop as they grow within their mother’s womb. However, a beating heart does not qualify a fetus as being an independent living creature whose existence takes precede... ... middle of paper ... ...g to almost double in size, face extremely exaggerated health risks and possible death, be compelled to take significant time off of school or work, and probably delay further advancement and ambition for the role of mother. While many women ultimately do choose to follow through with their pregnancy, it is important for men to note the way it might feel to be forced into such a cataclysmic role. Any man that is sexually active, should strongly support a woman’s right to choose. Likewise, any woman who would probably not choose to have an abortion herself, should nevertheless support the right of other women, who are different from herself, to make their own crucial life decisions about their futures. Good luck to all women out there that currently face an unplanned pregnancy; Make the right decision for you…not for others. Only you know what is best for you.

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