Abortion is Murder

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Imagine being naïve and unknowing of your situations. You are floating in a sac of protection, legs tucked just below your chin. This is home to you. Now it is time to exit the mother ship, down the canal of who knows what. Only that this is quite different from birth. A rough hand grabs you and pulls you out. You kick and your heart rate increases, scared of what waits. After being manhandled out of your home, a sharp slit burns your upper neck. This is the last thing some unborn babies know before their short lives are ended. Abortion, the deliberate extermination of an unborn baby, is murder. According to Dictionary.com1, the legal term for the word murder is “the killing of another human being under conditions covered by law”. Obviously, the act of murdering a fetus in a professional setting is covered by law. So the question we should ask ourselves is this: Whose life is worthy of being saved by law and why? A newborn child stuffed into a garbage can by a paranoid mother is considered murder but she could have legally killed him six months earlier. Ironically, there are fetus protection laws. On abcnewsgo.com2, an article was recently posted on an incident regarding a man secretly giving his girlfriend abortion pills and therefore causing the death of her unborn child. This was considered a crime, but she could’ve legally ingested the pills voluntarily or made an appointment with an abortionist. According to law.com3, under the definition of murder, there are some fetal protections. “Death of an unborn child who is ‘quick’ (fetus is moving) can be murder, provided there was premeditation, malice and no legal authority”. The legal authority phrase is the only section in this legal definition that protects the act of... ... middle of paper ... ...after the procedure. The hardcore truth about abortion is necessary here. If Planned Parenthood didn’t sugarcoat the barbaric procedure of abortion, there might not be so many. But to a large portion of society, abortion is basically ridding the uterus of waste, instead of killing an unborn child. Proper education is the key to prevention. To sum it up, abortion is basically murder. The stopping of the heart in a child, not just floating tissue, should be considered murder. If abortion is murder, then mothers with reservations should legally be able to leave her newborn child in a garbage bin. But that sounds cruel, correct? Double standards are obviously being used here. If we can have laws ensuring a fetus’s safety and laws ensuring the legal protection of an abortion clinic, then we honestly need to reevaluate our standards and what we stand for as a nation.