Abortion is Murder

The battle over abortion began with the case of Roe versus Wade on January 22, 1973. This conflict has quickly become one of the most predominant matters of society. By analyzing philosophical theories, biological facts, and psychological affects of abortion, one is able to conclude that abortion is murder. Through education and awareness programs, abortion can be acknowledged as immoral and unethical, thus preventing such crimes from being committed. This process of education starts with the recent history of the battle over abortion in our country.

Roe versus Wade began an entire series of major events that relate to abortion. Many of these events have swayed the public view on abortion towards both the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the argument. On January 10, 2003, the Alan Guttmacher Institute reported that the national abortion rate had fallen to the lowest it had been in ten years. Determined to uphold this steady decrease, President George W. Bush singed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act to prohibit late term abortions. The abortion rate continued to decrease until March 1, 2004 when the California Supreme Court ruled that a specific charity must offer birth-control coverage to employees. It was that day that the pro-choice campaign began to pull ahead, and the national abortion rate began to increase.

On April 1, 2005, Governor Blagojevich issued a rule that mandated all pharmacies in Illinois to sell contraceptives to dispense without delay. Later that year, September 12, 2005, a Michigan U.S. District Court Judge strikes the abortion ban for the third time since 1996. These events continue to increase the abortion rate because the population continues to change their opinions on abortion. Now at a peak...

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...ic is strong in their beliefs then this matter will end if we work together to peacefully fight for what is right.

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