Abortion is Murder

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Abortion has been one of the most popular and argumentative topics that has still yet to be settled. Ultimately the question we can ask when trying to solve this issue is whether or not pregnant women should have the right to kill an unborn baby. Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth takes place and is a moral wrong. Can we as a society call ourselves human if we allow the deaths of unborn babies to take place? Those who take the side of pro-choice or as also known as pro-abortion often use statements concerning life, humanity, human rights and freedom to support their claims. I believe abortion should be illegal because we as a society must protect the human lives that are in danger whether or not they are in their first trimester, or a fully unborn baby. Although I believe abortion should be illegal the only exception that would allow abortion to take place is if the pregnancy was caused by a criminal act or terminal diseases are to cause pain and eventual death to the baby when born. Only in these cases that I believe it should be the decision of the mother and father to abort the child to avoid inevitable pain and death. With only these exceptions, I believe that we should respect the rights of any living human, unborn or born; they must be allowed to have the right to live and progress.

When discussing the topic of abortion, those who take the side of pro-choice often believe that it is uncertain when human life truly begins so technically abortion is not murder since there really is no true child in the womb. They believe this question of when life starts is a religious question which cannot be answered by science. But if the concern is truly based on uncertainty about when human life begins, then who are we to...

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... women would not occur because they would take care of it professional is not entirely true, women still die from legal abortions in America. We must not legalize a procedure that kills an innocent life just because it makes it less hazardous.

In the end, I find abortion in every way a human wrong that we must stop. Whether or not we are sure when life starts, we should never endanger or risk a possible life. We should not be the ones who decide whether someone should have the chance to live or not. The claims that supporters of abortion often use consist of statements concerning society, when life begins, and rights of individual. Each of their claims contains no backbone support and often forget that in the end, abortion kills a life. So why do we continue to legalize this unjust law? Are we a society who believes that killing a innocent life contains no wrong?
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