Abortion is MURDER

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Mother Theresa once said, “If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, rather, to use violence to get what they want” (Ward). Ronald Reagan also once stated, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born” (Kurtzman). These widely known Pro-life advocates support the idea that abortion unjustly takes the life of a defenseless human being. The Roe vs. Wade case in 1973 legalized abortion, thus sparking the match to a never ending debate. Pro-life advocates believe that women should not be given the right to an abortion. Giving women the right to an abortion is similar to giving serial killers the right to murder whomever they want. Abortions lead to various health and psychological effects. “Almost half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended [and of those pregnancies about] 1.3 billion each year, are ended by abortion.” (Dudley). Most women that receive an abortion are clueless of the type of health risk that are associated with the abortion. According to the American Nurses Associated, “Patients have the moral and legal right to determine what [would] be done with their own person; to be given accurate, complete and understandable information in a manner that facilitates and informed judgement” (Barnes) Meaning, before given treatment the patient must be informed of some of the risks that are involved. They should be given all of the facts related to their situation in order to make an informed decision. Informing the patient of the risks associated with the procedure is done before every operation, or most operations. Women who have abortions are not informed of... ... middle of paper ... ... Term Effects of Abortion on Women”. The-gospel. Np, 23 Dec. 2010. Web. 7 Nov 2013. . Dudley, Susan. “Abortion Facts”. Prochoice. National Abortion Federation, 2003. Web. 11 Nov 2013. . Kurtzman, Daniel. “Ronald Reagan Quotes”. Politicalhumor. About, Nd. Web. 9 Nov 2013. . Terzo, Sarah. “Raped Women Who Had Their Babies Defy Pro-choice Stereotypes”. Lifesitenews. LifeSiteNews, 8 Mar 2013. Web. 11 Nov 2013. eotypes>. Vandegaer, Paula. “After the Abortion”. Hopeafterabortion. Project Rachel Ministry, Nd. Web 7 Nov 2013. .
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