Abortion and Disabilites

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A social problem is a condition that people in a community view as being undesirable. There are many things that people think are undesirable like the case with Michael Dunn. He believed that Jordan Davis and his friends were a bother but obviously, they did not think their loud music would be disturbing. A social problem is an issue that relates to society's perception of a person's personal life. The social problem I am concerned about is reproductive rights. People believe that every woman has the right to conceive a child and then has the option to either bring the child into the world or kill it. A fetus cannot talk or walk but it is dependent on the mother to do that for them. Think about if you had to rely on a person to make every decision for you, especially about your life beginning or ending. A fetus has all of necessary things to grow up into a human; therefore it is a human during the beginning stages. Most of the killing in this world is not from gangs, it is from mothers. The mothers of aborted babies are the number one killers. If you had a fetus in your stomach that was going to be disabled, would you abort it? After all, whether the infant has challenges that they would face, would you abort it because it doesn’t have as much potential as a child who lacks these difficulties? When you were young, did you sexual education class teach abortion? Most schools include topics such as the health of the body and the responsibilities of a mother. Many include talk of contraception with describing birth control, condoms, and pills that can be used to destroy the future child. People would not have to worry about aborting a baby if they didn’t have unprotected sex. I would like to focus on the disabled part of our society... ... middle of paper ... ...has doubled. Roe vs. Wade was a significant factor in the growing number of abortions. I also had a chance to talk with a speaker about this topic. Her name is Stephanie Gray and she talks all over the country about human rights and abortions. She mentioned human rights for a developing child and how our society does not give them any. Whether the child is disabled or not, these individuals cannot speak for themselves so our society decides to speak for them. Reproductive rights give a mother the option to keep or abort her baby. Human rights give individuals right to make their own decision. But when we abort the baby, we are not giving him or her human rights because we believe he or she is “not a person”. The definition of a fetus is a young child. It is a person who is inside that mother and that person should make the decision whether they are disabled or not.

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