Abortion and Christianity

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Abortion and Christianity

Abortion is the “premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb”,

before it has reached the full term of 40 weeks. Sometimes this

happens naturally, through no choice of the parents, and this is

called a miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion. However, when people

talk about abortion, they usually mean a “procured abortion” which is

when the parents choose to have the foetus removed by an operation.

This usually happens very early on in the pregnancy, the latest legal

time for aborting a baby being 24 weeks. There are several reasons

why a woman may choose to have an abortion. The woman may not be in a

serious relationship when she becomes pregnant, or the father may not

want anything to do with the child, and not want to bring the baby up

on her own. The pregnancy may happen at an inconvenient time for the

woman, for example when she is very young, while she has other

children in their teens, or when she is at an important stage in her


Medical tests may show that the baby is not developing normally and

may have severe health problems. The pregnancy may be result of rape.

The woman may feel she cannot cope with a child at that time, or

simply does not want a child. Some people believe that a woman should

have the right to choose whether or not to have a baby. These people

are described as “pro-choice”. Those who think abortion is wrong are

“pro-life”. According to the law, an abortion is only allowed if

there is sufficient reason. Two doctors need to approve the abortion,

and any doctors who do not agree with abortion can choose to have

nothing to do with it. Many people feel very st...

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... having them, they would go to backstreet clinics and nothing

could ensure the safety of the women. Taking a life is surely worse

than taking a potential life, so it must be better for abortions in

safe clinics to be available. Overall, I agree with the Church of

England view. I think that abortion can be justified because I believe

that someone should not look after a child if they feel they are not

capable and then that would not be fair on the child.

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