Abortion Vs Abortion

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“Marquis’ proposed explanation is that it is morally wrong to kill a normal adult human except in extreme circumstances because it is morally wrong to cause “the loss to the victim of the value of its future. He then claims that an abortion also causes a fetus to lose a valuable future, so abortion is also morally wrong except in the same extreme circumstances.” [1] While Marquis’ proposal for abortion is one that might seem to succeed on a prima facie basis, I believe that it does not do a good job of accounting for the multitude situations that the diverse human population experiences. Hence, in my eyes, it does not succeed. The crux of his argument seems to stem from the idea that a fetus is valuable, or that it has a future, just like ours. It is indeed a strong argument as it avoids confronting the idea of a “blissful life” that everyone is entitled to, and does a decent job of finding a conclusion to a sensitive topic like abortion. The idea is, that killing a fetus is no different than killing a grown adult. It robs a person from their life-arguably the most important thing to an individual. Once someone dies, they are deprived of the “natural properties” of having a future, and as a result, all the experience, projects, activities, and enjoyments that one undergoes throughout. Don believes that it is better to experience life as it is, regardless of what the condition is, than to have nothing at all. For instance, someone might suggest that the killing of someone who is suffering through a long term disease, such as AIDS (that is known to worsen, and shorten the usual lifespan), is justified [2]. However, Marquis’ statements imply that the change in “quality” of life does not mean it’s ok to end their lives because the va... ... middle of paper ... ...p, it would make sense for them to consider abortion, rather than sentencing a child to a life with an acute handicap. Lastly, I believe that having a baby is a lifelong decision that requires thorough thinking. The child should never have to enter the world feeling unwanted. For example, if the woman in question was raped, or if a couple is not ready financially or mentally to support a child, then I feel like they should have the power, and freedom to decide what is best for them, rather than undergo the burden of something they never intended. Contraceptives don’t work a 100% of the time, so the latter scenario is very much possible. For women, motherhood should never be a punishment for having sexual intercourse, but rather a blessing. If felt otherwise, then that would precisely be the scenario where abortion should be a right, and be considered permissible.

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