Abortion : The Right Of Choose

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Abortion: The Right to Choose As I was doing research, I came across an article by Napolitano and I found a startling statistic: Abortion takes the life of innocent human beings who are the most vulnerable in our society. Abortion is today the most frequently performed medical procedure in the United States. American physicians perform about two abortions every minute of every hour of every day: about 1 million a year since 1973. (Napolitano) Abortion became legal in 1973, because of the court case of Roe vs. Wade. Abortion is a safe medical procedure that ends pregnancy. The procedure that is performed removes the fetus from the uterus. This is a main concern in the United States. The debate to keep it legal or have it illegal is divided into proponents and opponents. Given that abortion takes the life of a potential healthy, conscious person, can it ever be justified? My first step in my research was to research the pros and look at the views from the proponent’s perspective. Proponents are known as pro-choice. The proponents believe that abortion is a woman’s right that shouldn’t be questioned. What is their reasoning? From a logical perspective, if abortion is illegal, then a pregnant woman will go to an illegal practitioner and that could result in physical pain or possibly death. The unsafe abortions led to the case of Roe v. Wade. The article on Roe v. Wade reports that abortion is legal. The decision of Roe vs. Wade, overturned the states laws allowing women to have abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy. This decision was made because of the power of right to privacy stated in the US Constitution (Roe v. Wade). The majority of women believed that the states were restricting their rights to have an abortion. O... ... middle of paper ... ...(Napolitano) One can concede that abortion ends the life of a fetus. However, one must refute the notion that a women doesn’t have the right to make decisions on her own body. Therefore, a middle ground position would be contraception. Contraception is a method used to prevent pregnancies from happening. The use of a condom or birth control pills is a method that is used. Contraception is an effective method and Cohen states that, “Contraception reduces the chances of having an abortion by 85%” (Cohen). Contraception is a solution for the opponents and they will be satisfied with this idea. The opponents would be glad, because contraception does not take an innocent life away. The solution for the proponents is that they won’t have to make the decision to abort the fetus. I believe that both sides will be satisfied with this proposal and the debate will slowly stop.
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