Abortion : The Debate Of Abortion

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Abortion The debate of abortion is a large controversial topic around the world. In America, it is an even bigger social issue, when laws vary from state to state. Also there are different types of abortion which are argued in a multitude of ways. Another main problem is the economic issues which involve things such as insurance, and the type of people who receive the procedures. Although all abortion comes down to is the argument between people who believe in pro-life, and people who believe in pro-choice. The history of abortion began in the 1800’s, when the first abortions were done privately in people’s homes, and sometimes with herbal remedies. In 1821 Connecticut was the first state to outlaw abortion (ProQuest Staff). In 1853 “Dr. Horatio Robinson Storer lead a nationwide campaign by the American Medical Association (AMA) to criminalize abortion. Within 20 years, more than 40 states outlaw abortion. Most state legislations allows doctors to perform an abortion if it saves the life of the mother”(ProQuest Staff). After this in 1871, abortion could be done if the mother was seen by two physicians, and the safety of the child was being considered. Soon after that on March 3, 1873 the Comstock Act was passed which banned any form of birth control. After that no other changes were made until the 1900’s. In the beginning of the 20th century abortion was still illegal, but was still occurring, although it was only reported if the mother died. In 1923 Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic beginning a woman 's right revolution. In 1940 a serious crack down on abortions began, they were not tolerated at all. On June 7, 1965 married couples got the right to use birth control as a right to privacy thanks to the Gris... ... middle of paper ... ...not financially support the baby. She might even feel embarrassed that she got pregnant to start with. Another common emotional feeling is the feeling of relief. Sometimes the mother may feel relieved that the baby is gone, and she feels that she has nothing to worry about afterwards. She may feel like she has gotten out of a huge mess. Also it may make her feel more financially stable to not have to worry about a baby, and also relief that she does not have to tell anyone. Abortion is a big thing. There are so many different arguments that can be made towards it. Ethics, religion, economics, government, and politics are all major factors. There are also many different problems that go along with the determination of what should be law, and what is opinion. It is all around a subjective topic, and defininant laws of abortion could possibly never be fairly determined.

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