Abortion Should be Made Illegal

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Abortion Should be Made Illegal

The right to kill the unborn child is morally and ethically wrong and

should be considered murder. Abortion should be considered illegal by

the U.S. government. The unborn child is an individual human life in

its own right. Life begins at the instant of conception. The unborn

child can even feel pain and thus proves further that the fetus is

living. Women should not have the right to do anything they want with

their bodies. There are many ways to avoid having an abortion, so

there is absolutely no reason to have an abortion performed.

The laws of the United Statesare supposed to reflect the people's

collective moral beliefs, mostly because it is not possible to

establish one typical system which does not rely on some shared

morals. Therefore, to resolve the issue, people must pursue what is

fundamentally a moral question. Is the unborn living and is abortion

to be considered murder? The answer is clearly yes.

Every poll taken since 1973 has shown that Americans are morally

opposed to the majority of abortions. A consensus tells that the most

precious form of life on earth is the infant. People also agree that

rape, kidnapping, and even discrimination based on race or gender is

wrong enough to pass laws. Therefore, abortion should be also. It is

even a felony to destroy the eggs of certain animals. Knowing that

this is true, it is only logical that having an abortion is to be at

least, if not, a larger crime.

The intentional acts that result in physical or emotional harm to

children is termed as child abuse. If abortion is legal, then the laws

on child abuse should also be abolished. Because th...

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...icide as the mother has chosen to stop the growth of her

unborn child, while Doctor Kavorkian helps people administer the

proper medical compounds to end their lives. If these acts of

assisting in the suicides of these people are illegal, then the act of

the mother aborting the fetus should be an equal crime.

In conclusion, the constitutional right to live extends to the unborn.

The unborn child does feel pain and is living. The unborn child is an

individual human life in its own right and not simply a "disposable

part of a woman's body." Medical science overwhelmingly proves that

biological life begins at conception, and the developing embryo is not

simply part of the mother, but a separate entity that inhabits the

mother. All of this shows that abortion is morally and ethically

wrong, and that it should be illegal.
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