Abortion Should be Illegal

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Abortion is a problem that has always been in the world. People have their own opinions about it. Some think that it’s not a good thing abort but others think it is a good choice to take. We all obviously think different because of the way we were raised. What I think about is that abortions should illegal because you’re killing a life. First of all, I know that some people think that babies aren’t humans or “alive” in the first weeks and they’re wrong. Babies are human beings just like anyone else. They are a miracle in any one’s life they aren’t a mistake god sent them to you for a reason. When you think about abortion you are taking their chance to have a future. Babies don’t have a say in whether they want to live or not so they are trusting their mom. There is a thing you can do and that is to give the baby in adoption. They are so any people out there that would love to have kids but they just can’t so they try to adopt. Not a lot of them are able to adopt though and the ones that do they are happy. That’s something that makes them happy and you can do that by maybe thinking it...

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