Abortion Should Be Legal

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Abortion has been said to be a moral sin for centuries. For some it is considered murder, but it is also believed that a child should not be raised by a child. And that a baby should be born into a loving and caring family, opposed to one that is not yet ready to tend to the needs of another child. As congress debates whether or not to make abortions illegal to all, should it be taken into consideration only allowing young girls the right to abortions.

Abortion, to give you a better in sight is the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before viability. It is estimated that 44 million abortions are performed globally each year. And almost half of them are preformed unsafely in back alley abortions, inducement and death. An induced abortion is made by the means of herbs, tools, or physical trauma. As compared to a traditional one where medicine and surgical procedures are done by a medical professional.

Throughout the ages abortion has been a controversial issue in many societies because of its moral, ethical and practical issues. In some cases it has been either banned or outlawed all together. Abortion in the case of rape or incest is acceptable in half of all countries

Young girls should have the right to abortions. Of course, they already do now, but I believe that abortion should only be available to girls 14 to 17 years of age. A 14 year olds brain is not fully developed and they believe that having a baby will make them seem more independent or that having a baby will make the person they engage in sexually with want to be with them forever.

Of course it is not always the case. There are girls who engage in sex and the last thing they want is to...

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...s she pleases. From the time they are born to the time they die, a woman will never truly be able to do what she wants to do with her body because of social critique, pear pressure or laws that out ban what they can do. Such as the abortion law.

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