Abortion - Right or Wrong?

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Right or Wrong?

In January 2002 a college freshman, Karen Hubbard, bled to death after secretly delivering her baby in a bathroom stall at her dorm. Up until that night no one knew she was pregnant, not her family or her friends.

Karen was a bright respected young girl, who had everything going for her. She was co-valedictorian at her school and was now on her way to college. In the fall of 2001 Karen went off to the University of Wisconsin, with high hopes from her parents. She was the last person anyone expected to get pregnant, but, on January 29, that all changed.

It was around ten o’ clock at night when Karen’s roommate walked into the bathroom and realized Karen was giving birth. She heard a gush of water that sounded like water breaking followed by a baby’s cries. She then heard the toilet being flushed several times. Karen was trying to get rid of the mistake she had made. When Karen’s friend informed the RA on duty what she had heard, the RA went and checked on Karen. Karen insisted everything was ok, that she was just sick. But she wasn’t ok; she was bleeding to death.

This is just one tragic story that is the result of a teenage girl not being able to have an abortion, not having society excepting of it, and just one negative effect that will come about if our nation becomes completely pro-life.

Abortion is one of the biggest controversies in American society today. There are those who are pro-life, seeing abortion as totally wrong under any circumstances, and there are those who are pro-choice, viewing the mother's right to make decisions over her own body. There are laws in some states that limit when abortions can be done, and there are laws that are trying to limit abortion all t...

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... days there is a type of birth control that a rape victim can take to stop the pregnancy. But many pro-lifers are against it, because they say it is actually a form of early abortion. Even though it is taken after the rape has occurred, doctors still consider it a contraceptive and this is the only form of birth control that can help after a rape has happened.

If abortion were made illegal again, women would return to or back alley abortions. Inexperienced unlicensed individuals would be performing the abortion, not knowing exactly how the procedure is done. A women's health would suffer and illegal abortion would result as the leading killer of pregnant women. This topic is frequently discussed in all writing reports, but to me this procedure is very important to me and makes a difference and hard making decisions in many young adults like Karen Hubbard.
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