Abortion - Pro-choice Philosophy and Abstinence

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Pro-choice Philosophy and Abstinence

We recognize no single, universal, objective moral truth that determines our moral decisions. On the contrary, we must consider a broad range of values whenever we seek to make wise, ethical, and compassionate choices. We respect a woman's moral capacity to make decisions regarding her health and welfare, including reproductive decisions.

A woman's choices reflect how she weighs her various life circumstances: her important relationships, her economic, social, and emotional resources and obligations, her health, her religious or philosophical beliefs, and the well-being of others for whom she has responsibility.

We live out our destinies in a world of vast and profound complexity, where claims upon our compassion and our judgment compete and often conflict. A woman respects the preciousness of human life by acknowledging and honoring the intricate tapestry of her relationships and commitments; indeed, we believe that the complexity of human life can be a source of moral wisdom and courage. The woman's ability to choose is rooted in her individual conscience, not in her adherence to ancient religious superstitious beliefs.

In preparation for hearings on the renewal of the federal abstinence-only education provision, the National Coalition Against Censorship and 35 endorsing organizations, including the National Education Association, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, launched the "Campaign Against Abstinence-Only Education."

In a joint statement released yesterday, the groups said that they are deeply concerned about publicly funded sexuality education programs that restrict students' access to information and limit learning to one approved message about human sexuality. Students should be allowed to make up their own minds about whether to remain virgin, whether to engage in sexual promiscuity, whether to follow parental advice or not, and countless other issues related to human sexuality.

The statement also said that a provision in federal law mandating abstinence-only education in schools is censorship of sexual information because it does not give students access to condoms, to contraceptive pills and devices,and it "silences speech about sexual orientation," as well as limiting the students' free expression of their sexual rights in other ways.
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