Abortion Is a Woman's Choice

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Today’s society is full of health concerns, unsolved, and controversial issues. Many of these can be viewed in relation to one’s moral, ethic, and religious beliefs, thus creating a society divided by opposing viewpoints. Today in the U.S., abortion is one of the most controversial discussions concerning women simply because it has been said for many years now that abortion should not be legal. Many who oppose abortion do not know what an abortion is, or even why a woman might choose to have an abortion. This research essay will discuss why it should be a woman’s choice to have an abortion and attempt to discuss the many reasons behind choosing an abortion. Abortions have been practiced since the days of the ancient world and are mentioned in some of the earliest medical books known (Paul, 2009). Today, society has attached a stigma to the term abortion. Many who hear of a woman having an abortion automatically assumes that she did not properly protect herself against pregnancy before having sexual intercourse and therefore, she is to blame. In many instances this is not the case. Society forgets to look at the teenagers and women alike who have been raped or in some instances been physically forced into a sexual act by a family member. Many in today’s society believes that a woman should be forced to carry a child that they very likely will have ill-feelings towards and dismiss the fact that the woman will be traumatized every time she looks at this child. One would certainly hope this would not be the case, but unfortunately in today’s society that is just what is expected; “you got yourself into this, so now you have to live with your choices” is just how many people believe today. We as a society forget to take th... ... middle of paper ... ...Author). (2011). Abortion statistics. Retrieved from Paul, Maureen (Author). (2009). Management of unintended and abnormal pregnancy: Comprehensive abortion care. Retrieved from (2011). Stages of development, from an ovum & spermatozoon to a newborn. Retrieved from (2006). Harming young women who seek abortions. Retrieved from Staggenborg, Suzanne (Author). (1991). Pro-choice movement: Organization and activism in the abortion conflict. Retrieved from
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