Abortion Is Wrong

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Each person has their own view concerning abortion, but the majority of people have little knowledge about abortion. Abortion in teens is increasing every year, since morality concerns no longer seem to carry much weight with teens. There are many medical hazards associated with an abortion procedure. Americans feel that it is only the mother's choice whether or not to abort the fetus.

The legalization of abortions occurred in 1973 after the Roe v. Wade case was won by Roe1 . Norma McCorrey, ?Jane Roe,? claimed to have been raped and filed a lawsuit against Dallas County District Attorney, Henry Wade, for not allowing Roe to get the abortion that she wanted (Radl 46). When the case went to trial on January 22, 1973 a seven to three vote allowed Roe to proceed with the abortion ( 46). Later, after the verdict, Roe stated that she was never raped and only wanted an abortion for her own convenience. On January 11,1973 Doe v. Bolton and Roe v. Wade cases ultimately stated, ?that an abortion, even when the unborn is seven, eight, or nine months old (after conception), can be performed for virtually any reason, including the mother?s emotional stress caused by her pregnancy as long as it is done by licensed physician,?

(Beckwith and Geisler 49).

Before 1973 the American Law Institute (ALI) held three conditions for legal abortions; rape or incest, fetus would be deformed, and women?s mental or physical health was in great danger (Radl 33). Webster?s Dictionary defines execution as, ?to put to death in accordance with a legally impose sentence,? which murder is defined as, ?to kill a person unlawfully with a malice,? (Bender and Leone 34). When people ignorantly say that abortion is murder that is an untrue statement because abortion is execution. No matter what people refer abortion to it as it is still killing a living human fetus. In Roe?s case the Supreme Court was blind to all aspects or

moral limitations. About one million illegal abortions were performed in the United States in 1972 (174). The number of illegal abortion has increased to twelve million abortions a year. One woman changed history forever after a simple lie that she told just to save herself from having an unplanned child. If the law of 1959 still existed today with mandatory court cases for each abortion situation the teenagers and the women who do not desire ...

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