Abortion Is Abortion

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Abortion! It’s a Life or death decision
Do you believe we should have to power to choose rather someone one lives or not? Is it really our decision to make? Many people in our society have debated this question for a long time. What it all boils down to is if a mother should be allowed to abort her baby or not. Also if she is allowed to when is the baby considered a human being and why is she being allowed to kill it without any repercussions that would normally come along with murder. Many people believe that the mother has the sole right to abort her baby whenever she wants to, and for whatever reasons. Others believe that even though she has the right to abort her pregnancy that at some point the baby has a heartbeat, and she should not
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Mostly they feel that the mother is the one that has the right to make the decision. Maybe this is because she is the one that has to deal with the pregnancy, and any health complications that come with it. Also she is the one who has to take care of the child after birth. In lots of cases women are assaulted or molested and a pregnancy results from that. In this situation more people are for abortion because the women did not want to become pregnant and defiantly not by who she is pregnant by. People feel as if she shouldn’t have to deal with the pregnancy because she did not have a choice. Just because the pregnancy was unwanted and unplanned does not change the fact that there is a human being inside of the womb that deserves the chance to live. In other situation women or young girls made bad decisions and ended up with the pregnancy as a result. In this situation people feel like these young girls should have the right to terminate their pregnancy because they are still too young to be a parent. I see this as a way for these girls to get out of the consequences of the actions. If they are old enough to make their own decisions, then they are old enough to handle the consequences and age is not an excuse to not have…show more content…
On any normal given day if you were to kill another human being you would be greatly punished for your crimes, if not put to death because of your actions. So, what is it that makes the unborn babies less important than anyone else. If anything we should go above and beyond to make sure these babies are taking care of properly because they are unable to help themselves at all, and when the mother does not want the baby who is left to fight for the baby’s life. Even if the pregnancy was unwanted, unplanned, to early, or just a mistake there is still a baby’s life on the line when you begin to talk about abortion. Others might fight for the right to terminate the pregnancy before the baby has a heartbeat, but even if there is no heartbeat yet there will be and we do not have the right to take that away. The last argument on the opposing side I would like to talk about is the assumption that abortion is safer than child birth. Many articles and studies have shown that abortions are not dangerous to the mother. Linda Lowen’s article states “the vast majority of women- 88% who have an abortion do so in the first trimester and medical abortions have less than 0.5% risk of serious complications.” (Linda Lowen pg. 2) So `many women will use this as an excuse or reasoning for terminating the pregnancy. In my opinion many advancements in