Abortion Is A Issue Of Abortion

Abortion is a topic that is controversial in today’s society. I am in favor of abortion because I do believe it is the woman 's right to choose what to do what her body. A woman should not be constricted by the law that she has to have the baby. A woman should be able to decide whether or not she wants to keep the baby or not. In the end, she will have to live with her decision not the government or society. I am in favor of abortion because no one has the right to choose what happens to my body. If I want an abortion, no one else should have a problem with it because it is not affecting them. It is not affecting anyone else’s body, only the person that has to go through the abortion. In the case of a rape, abortion becomes influential in a women 's life. The baby would be a constant reminder of the trauma she experienced. Abortion would help her overcome the trauma and move on. Banning abortion can lead to women using illegal means to abort the baby. Every child in the world should feel loved and wanted when being born. The parents or parent should be ready for the child. If the parent or parents are not ready they should have the chance to an abortion. Another reason I am in favor of abortion is if the parents do not want the child, the child will most likely go to a foster home or orphanages, which are already running low on resources and are beyond capacity. Abortion is overall a safe procedure with the advancement of technology. Illegal abortion can cause pain and death, so by allowing abortion women have professional and sanitary care. Teen pregnancies have been increasing over the past few years, out of these pregnancies many of them are unwanted. These girls should have the right to abortion, so they can continue their edu... ... middle of paper ... ... of another family that wants a child. Abortion is distributing the natural order of things. If we didn’t have this technology, abortion would not be possible and would have resulted in death for the women. I do not favor abortion because it creates a culture where it is okay and accepting to kill an innocent child. It strikes me that people don’t realize that it could have been them that could have been aborted or killed. If you put yourself in the situation you wouldn 't have wanted to be killed or aborted. You would want the same rights and right to live as much as any other human being. I do not agree with abortion because of what it stands for and what it causes. Having a baby is a beautiful thing and destroying it is wrong. Abortion is not something I agree with, it has become acceptable in the eye of society today which is causing more pain then happiness.

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