Abortion: Every Woman has the Right to Choose

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There is a long history for abortion. In ancient times, in Greece, abortion was allowed and not frowned upon; the only thing required was that the father of the woman be aware of it otherwise it meant death for the woman. In Rome too abortion was a normal practice, it was necessary in order to control the growing population in the city. Abortion was not seen as an immoral until the 4th century where the first regulation for abortion was made. In the 19th century, abortion was prohibited, the first anti abortion laws were passed in Britain. After that many people considered abortion a crime and a sin.

Abortion is the interruption of a pregnancy before birth of the foetus; ending in the death of the embryo while it is still in the woman’s womb and unable to survive in the outside world. There are two types of abortion; one is called spontaneous abortion or most commonly known as a miscarriage, and the other one is an induced abortion where the woman, if early enough in the pregnancy, can take a pill or have medicine injected to induce abortion.

Abortion can be done for many reasons; because of a high risk for the mother at birth, because one of the parents has a disease that can be passed on to the child like HIV, because the child will be born with some kind of malformation, and as a form of birth control, especially in cases of rape or incest. While some people may think that irresponsible women use abortion as an extreme kind of birth control, this is not actually true. According to some surveys, 58% percent of women use other forms of birth control and still end up pregnant because as we know they are not 100% reliable.

So I ask, is abortion morally right? Should it be made legal?

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...m in favour of abortion is because of a person’s constitutional and natural right to privacy; according to the Ninth Amendment to privacy of property and of person in the United States. For the laws of this country abortion has nothing to do with life. A woman has the right to have an abortion because of every American’s right to privacy.

So while it is almost certain that arguments concerning abortion and if it is morally correct are numerous, and that pro choice people and pro life people will continue to fight against each other, I must restate that I am in favour of abortion. For me it is not the tasking of a person’s life, it is simply about decisions and what is right for the potential mother. As I said before an embryo is not human and should not be treated as such. Moreover a woman has a right to decide for herself what is right for her own body and future.

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