Abortion Essay

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The issue of abortion is certainly one of the world’s hottest controversies in modern society. On one end of the issue, there is a group of people who call themselves “pro-life.” This group argues that aborting a fetus is equivalent to murdering a person. On the other end, there is another group that argue against the pro-lifers, claiming that it is a woman’s freedom and right to abort her child. Because of its ethical, religious and political implications, abortion laws have taken on many different forms around the world. While some countries completely ban abortion altogether, some states in America allow it under certain circumstances, and some other states openly allow it. Regardless of the presence of these laws, the public continues to attack or defend the existing policies to steer the government in their desired directions. California, in particular, has given in to its citizens wanting more freedom for women and thus signed the law that gave permission to more practitioners to perform first-trimester abortions (Eilperin, 2013). Despite of the government’s reasoning behind it - that the law provides more affordable and accessible abortion plans to women - this early abortion access law brings to surface even more problems regarding women’s health issues. Before discussing the implications of this new bill, it is important to first analyze the most problematic aspect of abortion: its hazardous effects on the mothers’ healths. Many women, regardless of age, take pills or get surgeries to remove their babies, from which they can suffer from numerous biological health problems. Studies have shown that abortion surgeries are not to be trusted. An article titled “Unsafe Abortion - a major public health problem” mentions that un... ... middle of paper ... ...ealth than the current law. Many supporters of abortion argue that abortion is a way for women to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. The discussions above, however, clearly undermine these statements. Abortion places women in even more risks, let alone protect them. If the supporters really wanted to save women, why would they promote such dangerous methods of traumatizing women for life? Therefore, the supporters of California’s new abortion law that grants permission to more medical practitioners to perform abortion should be modified in order to place heightened protection for women’s health. With better education on the circumstances of abortion, increased sanitation and environmental restrictions and restricted number of authorized practitioners, California citizens will be better informed and less at risk from the side effects abortions bring.
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