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Abortion is the process of removing the unwanted contents of conception, which will develop into a human being, from a mother’s body. It has been a controversial topic for years and undoubtedly will continue as one until the end of time, with valid arguments being made from members on both sides of the isle. Many of the argument and issues pointed out are ethical, scientific, and moral in nature. When do these contents of conception actually become a person? Should abortion remain legal? If made illegal will women’s health suffer as back alley abortions are performed? These are some of the many questions that are asked when the topic of abortion is discussed. For the time being abortions are legal since the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision legalized it. This law is in direct opposition of many health care workers and nurses’ personal moral and ethical beliefs, therefore, we as nurses must examine our own surrounding and beliefs while at the same time being aware that proper care must be provided to all patients. In situations where moral obligations are tested, the professional nurse will remain free of stereotyping or segregating and will either dismiss themselves from care of these patients or will be nonjudgmental and provide the best possible care. There are situations that perhaps in our own personal lives we would make a certain decision while someone else would choose the opposite. This is what happens a lot of times in respect to abortion. As Hewson states, “Pregnancy and birth are no minor inconveniences, such as having a cold. They constitute a major life event, which even when welcome causes immense discomfort and disruption to many women”. (Hewson 2001) According to statistics and estimates, since abo... ... middle of paper ... ...urses need to be aware of facility protocol, personal beliefs, and not let their own desires and obligations be placed upon patients who have the right to make their own decisions. In conclusion the topic of abortion is a very controversial and touchy subject which has touched a large number of people in some way. Our responsibility as professional nurses is to provide the best patient care possible no matter what the situation is that we are presented with. If this means we have a patient having an abortion performed and we disagree with the concept morally, we must either follow protocol and opt out, or provide the best care possible without stereotyping, being judgmental, or negative to the patient in any manner. It is our responsibility to understand the ANA code of ethics and do our due diligence to live up to these expectations to the best of our ability.

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