Abortion Essay

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Abortion. Don’t Do It

Women get abortions all over the world, and there are several reason why they get them. What they don’t know is that they’re hurting themselves. They’re hurting another human being. Scientist did a study and it shows that the fetus can feel pain while being aborted. A women should not get an abortion, because they are killing a being that didn’t ask to be here,the fetus can feel pain , it can cause post traumatic stress disorder, and other bodily issues.

The fetus that is being aborted had no choice on whether or not it wanted to be here or not. Since it’s not right to murder someone outside of the womb, how is murdering an infant, a person inside the womb any different? The fact of the matter is it’s not. Abortion is murder that goes unnoticed by the law. It takes away a defenseless life that probably could’ve been a great asset to the world.

Alot of people don’t know that the fetus can feel pain. Some doctors tell the patient that the fetus can’t feel anything.Truth is the fetus can feel every bit of it, and getting an abortion causes a violent a...

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