Abortion And The Sexual Agenda

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Throughout the years, modern medical technology has resulted in the recent legalization of abortions throughout many countries in the world. However, the process of terminating a pregnancy has been around since the time women were able to have babies. Though the court has permitted selective abortion, many believe that it is murder and disagree with anyone with a “pro-choice” view. Sidney Callahan, the author of the article “Abortion and the Sexual Agenda” fights all points made by Harrison and Petchesky and believes pregnant women do not have the right to control another body. In a case study about a family who finds themselves unexpectedly pregnant with their third child, Callahan would support the pregnancy and agree with Bob Thompson in his desire to continue the pregnancy. The author of “Virtue Theory and Abortion”, Rosalind Hursthouse, would believe that Linda is not being callous in her desire to keep working, however, her desire for freedom is selfish considering Bob’s enthusiasm. In regards to the rape case study, Callahan would believe that Lisa should continue the pregnancy as the child is very developed at six months gestation, whereas Hursthouse would believe an abortion is not evil as there was no sexual consent, however, there is a moral failing. In the circumstances surrounding the Thompson’s, because her family is so supportive and she already knows about the intrinsic value of childbearing, I think abortion would be less morally justified. Furthermore, studies have been shown that parents of multiple children are more conscious of existence in earlier stages of pregnancy and, therefore, it would be more emotionally hard for Linda. Considering Lisa’s young age and lack of consent, I would believe that an abortion ... ... middle of paper ... ...lready recognizes the intrinsic value that her other children have brought her, so this child would just be an additional amount of lifelong pleasure, even though the quick solution of an abortion may seem easier. Additionally, Callahan believes that the moral obligation to the fetus is present even though there is no consent on Linda’s part. The pregnancy could not be considered compulsory, Callahan believes, just like with the process of aging. Finally, Bob supports the pregnancy and should have a right to the decision, as it is social equality. Callahan believes that abortion legitimizes male irresponsibility, so the fact that Bob wants the child because of his profusion of commitment morally justifies the need to keep the fetus. Feminization of sexuality should thrive and Linda should want to continue the pregnancy, as even men desire the urge to bear children.
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