Abortion And Abortion

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Abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of baby and has been the subject of heated debates since the 1820s. Starting at this point in history the division between opposing sides of the issue has grown and further arguments have been added to support both groups. These groups are often known as pro-life and pro-choice. In general, those that are pro-life do not support legal abortion and those that are pro-choice do support legal abortion. There are people in both groups that have opinions that vary slightly from this general consensus though. Overall, there is currently a global, heated debate over the legal status of abortions based on moral, religious, social, and political beliefs. There are many members of society that are greatly impacted by this debate. Women who become pregnant are impacted the most by the changing laws and social viewpoints because they tend to be the most involved in the decision making regarding their own abortion. Despite preconceived ideas about certain groups, abortion is found in all ages, religious gro...