Abortion: An Imminent Crisis

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Abortion, it’s a word that causes much controversy in this day and age. Deanne Durrett explains on page 44 of her book The Abortion Conflict that there has been dissension between Americans on the matter of abortion for over one hundred fifty years. Also, according to, over 1.2 million abortions happen each year in America only. Imagine what kind of effect that has on our world, the killing of unborn children. Some would say that that’s controversial and leave it at that; others could not comment at all. There are also those who completely support the reasoning that an unborn fetus is indeed a child, as well as those who are completely against that idea. Three topics discussed in this paper, explaining that abortion is wrong, that it should be prohibited, and the reasoning behind it, are of the following: abortion is a defiance of Scripture; it is immoral and is the killing of defenseless, unborn children; and it is harmful, in physical ways and mental ways. If that cannot be described as immoral, then what can?
The first topic is that abortion is a complete defiance of Scripture. Psalm 127:3 explains that children are a gift from God, and “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above,” (James 1:17). Furthermore, in Genesis 1:28, God gives a command to be fruitful and multiply, and it is impossible to obey this command if the killing of unborn, human offspring through abortion continues. Fetuses are not property; therefore, people should not be allowed to treat them as such. After close examination, it is clear that a fetus is an individual person from the moment of conception (Currie, 25). Psalm 139:13 reads, “For You formed me in my inward parts; you knitte...

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...e life over abortion. It is immoral in all aspects of the word. People are suffering tremendously because abortion has caused them so much pain. No matter an individual person’s beliefs, abortion is against God’s will. Accept it.

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