Abortion : Abortion And Abortion

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This paper will argue that those who advocate abortion do not actually advocate the termination of life, and in the near future artificial wombs could end the current moral debate on abortion. In order to understand this argument we need to break down the concept of abortion, or the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, into two currently linked yet intrinsically distinct concepts-extraction and termination. The right to abortion can be accepted as the right to not be pregnant, or the right to extraction. On the contrary, abortion rights could also imply the right to terminate the pregnancy, but also the right to abort the fetus. While these two concepts are distinct, they are for the moment linked. The majority of those who defend abortion do not defend termination. If science creates a safe and affordable method of extracting the fetus into an artificial womb, then in regards to the majority of arguments in favor abortion, this method would be obligatory. This would end the current debate on abortion.
Objection 1: Someone may object that the extraction of a fetus into an artificial womb is unnatural. If it were unnatural, then it would go against nature. Consequently, we as human beings shouldn’t go against nature, and artificial wombs shouldn’t be used. This objection directly attacks idea that artificial wombs could replicate the natural environment of the uterus.
Objection 2: Another objection would involve the lack of maternal refuge. If the fetus were to be transported to an artificial womb, it would be deprived of maternal care. In this case, it is argued that this is morally wrong. The argument could be carried on claiming that maternal deprivation as a developing fetus could lead to other problems in late...

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... the authority to destroy unborn life". With this emphasis, the Catholic teaching would certainly advise the preservation of life over the termination of life, whether it included an artificial womb or not.
Some day in the near future, the modern debate over abortion could be put to an end with the use of artificial wombs. Since termination is only a consequence of ending the pregnancy, then it’s almost impossible to defend the right to kill a fetus while supporting abortion. At the same time, the use of artificial wombs will bring up more moral controversy, but it is of little significance compared to the preservation of life. I believe that people of all faith and religions must realize that. In order to address the morality of those who will walk this earth, I think we must change the dynamics of abortion and artificial wombs may prove effective in doing this.
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