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Abortion A young women who just recently married at the age of 24 is six months along in her pregnancy. By her eighth month, she has came across complications. Within one week, they continue to get progressively worse. She is eventually rushed to the hospital. There her symptoms are studied by medical professionals. She soon is told that her complications are so severe that they might cost her her life. She is now faced with a choice. A medical dilemma of saving her life with the use of an abortion, or the moral dilemma of saving her childs life. What is right? In the U.S. about 1.6 million pregnancies end in abortion. A majority of women in America with an income below 11,000 are 3 times more likely to abort their unborn child rather than those whose income is above 25,000. Also, women who are divorced or unmarried are 4 to 5 times more likely to abort than a stable married woman.(1) The most commonly used procedure for an abortion is the vaccum aspiration which is used during the first trimester (from conception to three months). A tube is simply inserted into the cervix and the contents within the cervix are vaccumed out.(1) Another commonly used type of abortion focuses on the second trimester. This type of abortion is called dilation and evacuation. By this trimester the fetus has slowly developed bones, bulk, and contains movement. Which leaves the second trimester not as easy. Once the fetus and placenta are removed, tweezers are then used to take out the larger parts of the fetus. By the time the fifth month approaches the fetus has entered its third trimester where the abortion becomes both serious and dangerous. As a mother in her fifth month, doctors would induce her with drugs to put her into labor as if she ... ... middle of paper ... ...ause of it’s immoral and life begins at conception. Women have been given the right to have an abortion under the United States Consititution, but this right is still being protested by the people that fight for the unborn’s rights. Pro-life activists claim that its immoral because they simply defined it as murder. Life begins at conception another strong point brought up by pro-life activists. Before a child is born it is given all of it's necessities to survive. Before birth the child heart beats, the gastric juices flow in the stomach, and all it's necessary organs are intact. The unborn child thinks, dreams, and feels pain.(1) The abortion issue is a constant debate in our society and it is amazing that faith and reason can determine the life of a child. Maybe soon the abortion issue will reverse, and people will see the rights of the unborn as a great importance.

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