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Abortion has been a controversial topic discussed by many women throughout the years. The decision for a woman to rid herself of her unborn child is one that not many women can make without receiving any psychological or physical issues with their bodies post-abortion. It is also a decision that takes time and consideration. Although not scientifically proven, abortion is said to cause psychological pain and stress, so why would a woman disregard her unborn child when adoption is another option. In my research essay, I will explain in details the reason why I am against women having abortions. It is not for any moral reasons but merely facts that I’ve came across or would like to share. Women have faced many different obstacles since the beginning of time but one issue that always seems to start up a debate is abortion. I’ve read many different stories on abortion and came up to the conclusion that women who have abortions do in fact have psychological issues afterwards. If you think about, we are naturally stressed out with our day-to-day lives so by adding the news of “your pregnant” to the table doesn’t diminish the amount of stress one has, however it increases it. Between 1869 and 1969, the only type of abortion that was permitted was therapeutic abortion, meaning an abortion due to medical conditions which the child or mother experiences, cases such as incest and/or rape. The Chicago Tribune posted an article entitled Offering Hope During Unwanted Pregnancies in 2003 explaining the role of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. In this article, Rev. Michael M. Boland goes to say “And no person should ever have to suffer the pain and anguish of abortion”, then why should a woman put herself through the kind of pa... ... middle of paper ... ...arily negative emotions about their abortion still felt that they had made the right choice.” But what they don’t understand is that even though these women feel like they’ve made the right choice, they still primarily have negative emotions. Negative emotions can lead to depression and other psychological issues so by saying that women don’t feel anything after an abortion is somewhat ridiculous. Lastly, a woman must not be selfish. She must think wisely and precisely on what to do if she gets pregnant. I once heard someone say “If that girl didn’t make the choice to have an abortion and stay in school, she might end up being the same girl that finds a cure for cancer” but what if that child she was carrying in her stomach was the child to cure cancer one day? This shows that every decision we make in our lives have to be thought of rationally before it is made.
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